Feature: Love Integration Yoga (Park Ave)


Located at 54 West Park Ave, Love Integration is a spiritual organization dedicated to developing the awareness of one common consciousness, and of the ever-present divine love within all beings. Love Integration’s spiritual teachings provide a strong foundation and necessary tools for self-study and self-growth. By learning how to focus inwards, our thoughts and actions begin to reflect the nature of the self. Honoring our authentic self involves expressing the divine qualities of the heart in daily living such as communication, respect, love, peace, compassion and courage. Continue reading

Feature: ByGood Coffee (Oceanside)


ByGood Coffee was founded by two determined parents who wanted to bring awareness to appreciation of specialty coffee and tea to the Great Suburbs of Long Island culture thru the innovative ways of how we brew coffee. ByGood coffee is a third wave specialty coffee café where we provide great tasting coffee and teas with consistency, great customer service, passion and a soothing atmosphere where families, co-workers, friends love to gather.” ByGood, which opened in September, serves different brewing methods of specialty coffee, loose-leaf teas, and freshly baked goods. ByGood is located at 3384 Long Beach Road in Oceanside.

Feature: Moo Burger (Island Park)


Moo Burger, which opened in September, is a family burger place with reasonable prices and fresh food. I like to think of it as an east coast take on In-N-Out Burger. All burgers are made Fresh to order never frozen. Other menu items include Turkey Burgers, Fries, Smothered Fries (similar to In-N-Out’s “animal style”), Onion Petals, Hot dogs , Chili, Chicken Fingers, Fish Sandwich, and daily specials…plus great Milkshakes!

Now Open: Sherry Blossom Sushi Burriots & Poke Bowls (Park Ave)


Sherry Blossom, the first restaurant of its kind on Long Island, is now open at 78 W Park Avenue in Long Beach! Their goal is to use the most healthy ingredients to create the highest quality take out food imaginable at an affordable price. We have to admit that Sherry Blossom certainly hit their mark. Sushi burritos are priced at $12.95 and the build-your-own bowl/burrito ranges from $10.95 to $12.95… and you won’t walk out of this place hungry. Sushi burritos were first sold out of a food truck on the west coast and they’re beginning to gain popularity nationwide. Poke bowls, which you’ve certainly heard of, are raw fish salads served in Hawaiian cuisine. Check out Sherry Blossom on Park Ave!

Reign Boutique Opening in Long Beach


Reign Boutique has opened a second location at 872 West Beech St in Long Beach.

“Reign Boutique opened its doors in 2009 in our first 1000 sq ft shop in Merrick, NY offering a limited selection of must have styles.

As our Merrick store has expanded so have our amazing product lines. Our buyers search to find products we can’t live with out to enhance your visit to our now 3000 sq ft. shopping sanctuary.

By 2011 we knew that we needed shoes to complete the whole experience, but couldn’t edit down all the styles we loved, so we broke down the wall to create Reign Shoes attached to our 2009 Merrick Rd., Merrick NY location. Each season we are on the hunt for new styles you are sure to love. New brands are always emerging in our assortment, but a few of our key shoe brands you will always find include Steve Madden, Lucky Brand Shoes, Havaianas, Vince Camuto, & Dolce Vita.

All of our styles are unique. We buy in limited quantities to keep them that way. Follow us on Instagram @ReignBoutique for preview pics and access to amazing discounts.”

Feature: Lost at Sea (West End)

Last week, we had the chance to check out Lost at Sea – a nautical spin-off of the local favorite, Lost and Found. While the unmarked restaurant at 888 Beech St may be tough to spot, word is definitely beginning to spread about this treat. Lost at Sea does not take advanced reservations and seats guests on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unfortunately for us, that meant we had to wait about an hour… but let me tell you, it was worth it… Continue reading