Feature: Danny Mac’s Ocean Bar & Grill

Last weekend, we checked out the newly opened Danny Mac’s Ocean Bar & Grill. The beach-front restaurant is located at the west end of the boardwalk and New York Avenue. Danny Mac’s has an outdoor patio for full-service dining and a pizza bar and cocktail bar for those looking for a quick bite or drink.

We had a very refreshing Pina Colada and Margarita while we waited about 15 minutes for a table. They sat us at a high-top table with a great view of the beach, ocean, and boardwalk. The menu has a great variety of options with specials for nearly every day of the week. We chowed down on the Brooklyn Square Pizette, Shrimp Roll, and Fish Tacos and all of it was delicious! The Brooklyn-style pizza would make any New Yorker proud and the shrimp and fish tasted like they were caught that morning. Danny Mac’s has live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is open from 11am until 10pm seven days a week. Locals will love this tucked-away gem and we will certainly be back many more times this summer. Make sure to spread the word that Danny Mac’s is open for business!


One thought on “Feature: Danny Mac’s Ocean Bar & Grill

  1. Live outside music in residential neighborhood. Obnoxious. Amazing since that deck is built on PUBLIC property and shouldnt even be there. Business owner could careless about neighborhood or Long Beach. Just wants to make money on property they dont even own.


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