The Short’s Best of LBNY 2016 (Full List)

The results are in. Congratulations to this year’s winners and thanks to all those that voted! Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for features on all of our winners.


Coffee: Gentle Brew (Runner-up: Coffee Nut Cafe)

Bagels: Long Island Bagel Cafe (Runner-up: Beach Bagel & Deli)

Boardwalk Concession: Beach Local Cafe (Runner-up: Rip Tides 11561)

Pizza: Gino’s (Runner-up: Sorrento’s)

Deli: Brand’s (Runner-up: Lido Kosher Deli)

Diner: Laurel Diner (Runner-up: Diner by the Sea)

Brunch: Whales Tale (Runner-up: Allegria Hotel)

Asian Cuisine: Nagahama Sushi (Runner-up: JR. Asian Fusion)

Chinese: Merry Land (Runner-up: China Wok)

Spanish/Mexican Cuisine: Sangria Tapas & Wine (Runner-up: Ay! Caramba)

Date Spot: Grotta Di Fuoco (Runner-up: Lost and Found)

Outdoor Dining: Minnesota’s Legendary (Runner-up: The Saloon

Out-of-Town Dining: Buoy Bar (Runner-up: Beginnings)

Restaurant – Overall: Brixx & Barley (Runner-up: Speakeasy)

Happy Hour: Jetty Bar & Grill (Runner-up: Brixx & Barley)

Party Scene: Minnesota’s Legendary (Runner-up: The Inn)

Sports Bar: Billy’s Beach Cafe (Runner-up: The Park)

Desserts: Waffle Cabin (Runner-up: Dough Hut)

Wine/Liquor/Beer Store: Monarch Beverage (Runner-up: Pop’s Wine & Spirits)

Boutique: The Codfish Cowboy (Runner-up: Ooh La La)

Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s Oceanside (Runner-up: Stop & Shop)

Dry Cleaning: Michael’s Tailoring (Runner-up: Laurel Tailors & Dry Cleaners)

Nail Salon: Lucky Nail & Spa (Runner-up: Bella Sky Nails)

Gym: Synergy (Runner-up: New York Sports Club)

Entertainment: LB Wake & Watersports (Runner-up: Let Loose)

Newcomer: LB Social (Runner-up: Wild Feast)


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